Cable Tray Manufacturers
Cable Tray Manufacturers
Cable Tray Manufacturers   Cable Tray Manufacturers
Cable Tray Manufacturers
Manufactures of :

All Types of Cable Trays and Ladder Type Cable Trays,
Painted Cable Trays, Powder Coated Cable Trays, Raceway Cable Trays.

Earthing Erection Hardware Suppliers :
Filed Experience : All Types of HT, LT, Electrical Instrumentations Works (S.S. & Cu Tubing), Industrial & House Wiring, Erection fabrication Work

1] Earthing Material Suppliers - GI Flats and Copper Flat and Plate, Electrode, Lighting, Arrestor, CI Plate and Pipe, Betonies Powder, Funnel, Charcoal, Salt

2] Cable Gland and Transmission - DC & SC, PG, Aluminum, Cable Gland & Lugs, Wetherproof, Frameproof

3] S.S.304 / 316 C.S. Tubes, OD and Fittings – Union ’T’, Connector, Elbow, 3 Valves, 2 Valves,
5 Valves, Manifold, Niddle Valves, Ball Valves, Gat Valves & All S.S.316 / S.S. 304 / CS & Pipe Fittings ALL FITTINGS

4] MS and GI Pipe and Fittings – Bend Tee Sockets, Flanges & All Fittings

5] Junction Box - Flameproof / Weatherproof, M.S. Powder Coated Dia, Cast, All & S.S. / Push Butting Stand

6] Cable Trays – Ladder, Painted, Perforated, GI, Powder Coated

7] G.I. Conduit Fittings, J.B. 1,2,3,5 Ball Socket / Treaded Rod & Fastener Fan Rod, Fan Box

8] Panel Board Accessories – Technic, Connect well & Elmex Connectors, Connect well & Lapp Glands, Braco, Bgb Glands, Kaycee & Toggle Switches, Crompton metal plug & Socket, All types of Panel Wires & Cables, Toggle Switches, PVC Channels, MS Channels & Din Rail Channels, PLA Relays, PVC ties & Sticker Pads, Epoxy, Bus bar, Support Insulators, Dowells & Braco Lugs, Cooling Fans, Krone Connector with Box

9] Cable – Polycab, Sunlight, Finolex, I.S.I. Aluminum & Copper Armoured Cables & Flexible Wires, Welding Cables, Telephone Cables, Fibre Glass & Teflon Wires, Panel Board Wires, Shielded Single & Multi Core, Computer Electronic Purpose, T.C. Wires & Cables

10] Fuse & MCB MCCB and ELCB – E.E., MDS, Hanger, Indo – Kopp, Dattar, Crompton – Mccb, Havell’s Standard, Bottle Type Fuses

11] General Items – PVC Reinforced Pipes and Glands All kayce Items, Anchor, Khosla, Casing and Capping, PVC and M.S. Conduct Pipes and Accessories, Cable Joint kits, All Wiring Materials

Quality Policy :

• Cost Effectiveness

• Client Convenience and Delight

• Single Source Purchase

• Guarantees Compatibility between
   Various Product
Quality Policy
It shall be our endeavor to continually improve the quality of our services and products to match the best and latest in the industry.

The above shall be achieved by establishing a Quality Management Systems through involvement of our entire team & vendors.

Pratik Enterprise will strive to meet the divergent needs of customers and delight them by consistently providing a rapid response to their need